Cat Hammock Window Seat

It's well-known that cats are constantly searching for a location with a wonderful view to relish the sunshine.The PEFUNY cat window perch can provides a secure 360° Sunbath for cats.

This really is a Cat Window Hammock plus a space saving cat mattress. Its frame is constructed from ABS pipes, coated by outside and rocky fabric, and backed by four giant suction cups allow it to be repaired by the window without instrument and installed in minutes.

ฅ Super-strong cloth covering Covered by detachable outside and rugged cloth, it may be machine washed, so simple to handle and hard, and enables the cat to break and move openly.

ฅ Ueses ABS tubes, not PVC ABS substance is nontoxic, sterile, non-deformation, great luster, may be utilized in medicine and food industry, and also the impact resistance is preferable to PVC material.

ฅ More scientific layout We included rope clip slots into the framework structure to make it more secure.

ฅ Easy meeting Please consult with movie for easy and rapid assembly. ฅ After-sales support set up When the item is considered as faulty, contact us to get a free replacement or turbo refund.

The suction cups have to be set up over the sleek surface. Please be aware that tough surfaces aren't appropriate to put in.

It's straightforward and helpful to produce the suction cups more powerful.